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About Morgan

Well, hello there! We're Morgan Harper-Nichols and Jamie-Grace Harper Collins. We're sisters, artists, and creators.

This site is the place where you can find everything made by us, everything made for you.

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Morgan Harper Nichols

writer | graphic designer | photographer | artist

Born February 4, 1990, Morgan is the oldest of the Harper Sisters. She is a writer, visual artist, and music recording artist. She is an award winning songwriter professional vocalist who has performed on several Grammy nominated projects, including her sister's debut single "Hold Me." Her debut single "Storyteller" is played on radio stations around the world and has reached over a million plays on Youtube, Spotify, and other platforms as well. In addition to music, Morgan is a full-time writer, visual artist, and graphic designer.

Her first book of poems, released December 2017 debuted at #1 on Amazon in Inspirational Poetry. She is the founder of projects such as The Devo Co, The Binder Co, and The Storyteller Co. At Harper Sisters, you can find Morgan dabbling in all things writing, singing art direction, digital media and communication, videography, photographer, and music composition...and making several references to getting more coffee