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Production (Film)

Full Credits: Writer, Concept Creator, Director, Videographer, Editor

Writer, Concept Creator + Director:

concepts | filming | editing

Our passion for video production started in our early teens. Jamie-Grace started storyboarding concepts and ideas before she held her first camera in her hand. By the time she got a JVC for Christmas, she was creating short films and music videos which she later shared on her YouTube channel. While we can both agree they weren't great - ha - they never lacked in heart.

Over 12 years later, that heart is still there. As full time artists and performers, we are, and have always been, the primary creative directors for our visual content. Every year, we produce a select amount of film projects for artists and creators and would love to explore the possibility of working with you!

All video production services come with a complimentary crash-course on video distribution.

At the age of 14 Jamie-Grace's debut documentary (In Your Face) was accepted into KingdomWood Film Festival for creators of Faith-Based Content. She is the recent winner of Best Sketch for the 2018 WhoHaha Awards (Elizabeth Banks).

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