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Growing up an outsider

Adventure is not tied to who said you could come along. It is tied to the journey you’ve been on all along. - Morgan Harper Nichols. I wrote this quote from a deeply rooted place of my own life experiences. Growing up, my sister Jamie Grace and I were textbook outsiders. We were home schooled and preacher’s kids, and when my sister was diagnosed with...

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Our Story: How I Met My Husband

The first time we met was back in August 2009 on our college campus (Atlanta Christian College - now Point University) in our home state of Georgia. We were both 19, but I was a senior and Patrick was a freshman (I had started college at 16 and he had started college later). I had never had a boyfriend before and honestly, by my senior year, I had given up on the possibility of a relationship at this stage of my life. I was focused on graduating from undergrad, going to grad school, and maybe even moving back overseas. Meeting my future husband was a distant prayer in that season of my life, because I knew there were a lot of things I wanted to do.

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