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The exact moment we enter our deepest worry...


One thing to remember about hearing the voice of God is that He does not speak like we speak. He is capable of talking to us in ways much deeper than what a humans can attempt to convey with words. Even though we aren’t able to start every day with blueprints of our futures in hand, God is still speaking. God is still leading. And He speaks in ways that we have to dig deeper in our time with Him so we can truly began to hear His voice. The exact moment we enter our deepest worry is the exact moment we should enter our deepest, most personal hour of prayer, unashamedly exhaling, with sincere desperation: “Lord, I need you.”

Because of Christ, this is how deep we can go with God when we just don’t get what He’s doing. And after we pray, we can sit and listen, with childlike anticipation, waiting to see what He will reveal next.

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. - Jeremiah 33:3

When you call on Him, He will open up your mind. He will give you a peace about the future that you have never had. And it’s okay to ask Him for this daily, and hourly if you have to. The weight of the unknown is far too heavy of a burden to carry on your own. And that is why we must always call on Him.

He will give you peace in decision making. He will give you courage and wisdom when you’re scared you might miss the right opportunity. And He will do this because God speaks to us in the deep places.

His Spirit will give you direction that goes deeper than just earthly things, such as, whether to take one opportunity or take another one, but more importantly, direction on how to get your mind to a place where you are at peace and ready to bring God the glory no matter what you end up doing.

The more you spend time away from the noise, in a quiet place, breathing in, breathing out, and letting His presence fill every corner of the room and every corner of your mind, the more you will begin to see your worries about the future take a backseat, as you let Him take the lead and bring you back into the present.

Written by Morgan Harper Nichols for the girl who sent a message that longs to hear the voice of God.