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When everything is falling apart

When everything is falling apart, it is the Lord who holds her together.

When she is certain no one will fully understand what she is going through, and there is no way out of the feelings that unraveled and tangled her emotions, she realizes it is the Lord that is keeping her together. She realizes that even when everything is falling apart, He is holding her together.

She remembers that there is no failed relationship that can keep her from His love. There is no amount of being rejected or misunderstood that can keep her from growing in His grace. There is no unknown path she walks that keeps Him from walking with her.

I will walk among you; I will be your God, and you will be my people. - Leviticus 26:12

On days like this, where there are far too many things that don’t make sense, she keeps walking, trusting that even out here, even her deepest pain cannot mark the end of the path, for it is only a valley on a much greater journey where she knows by grace, she will make it through.

She knows this because of Jesus, and because of Him, she knows she does not walk alone. Her heart, her soul, belong to God. She is His daughter, protected and guided, and no matter the valley, He is walking with her⠀

This is the beautiful truth she will carry with her today, tomorrow, and everyday after, from here unto Eternity, she knows that when everything is falling apart, the Lord is holding her together. 

Written by Morgan Harper Nichols for #TheDevoCo