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Am I Oversharing? 7 Questions To Ask

As sisters who spend a lot of time creating things to share with others, here are a few things we think about when it comes to the topic of oversharing (7 Questions to Ask)

1 - Is this post tied to someone else's story? And if so, is it there story to tell or mine?

2 - If my own story involves someone else, should I ask the other for permission before sharing?

3 - If this is deeply personal, should I find someone to share this with in real life first?

4 - Is there just one person or a small group of people I want to share this with? If so, should I just text this to them instead?

5 - Could this post be taken out of content if you did not know the full story?

6 - If what I am posting might get a strong reaction but needs to be said, could be more effective and productive to share this face to face/person to person? If I really really want or need to share this, is there a way to share it without the potentially sensitive details?

At the end of the day, what you post is what you choose to post, but it is never too much to think before sharing!

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