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Though the weight of the world tries to pull her into its bottomless sea,

Even in the depth of sleepless nights,
He makes her burdens light.
He keeps her breathing.
He keeps her from sinking.

Even in the morning,
in the aftermath of chaos,
by His grace
she finds sweet rest
in His Presence.

Day by day,
she is learning
to see Him in everything,
and it is changing her life
for good.

Though the weight of the world
tries to pull her
into its bottomless sea,
His Love is the raft
that keeps her from sinking.

Wave after wave,
He steadies her soul.
Wave after wave,
He makes her whole.

This is her hope when it feels all too heavy:
when she has to act like nothing happened,
standing in the same room with the one
who broke her heart,
and when she is telling herself not to worry
about the most pressing things in her life,
but she is running out of time,
it is only the love of Jesus
that is keeping her from sinking.
It is only His peace
giving her clarity
deep into the night.

So in this moment,
she inhales and exhales.
Ever trusting of His Power
even in the final hour,
even when she cannot see
and she is certain she is sinking,
she knows He is faithful.
He will keep her from drowning.

For He rescued us
from the domain of darkness,
and transferred us
to the kingdom
of His beloved Son.
- Colossians 1:3

- These words were inspired by a message I sent to someone today who simply replied to something on the Instagram story. I felt let to share these words with her, and I added a bit more here, just for anyone else who might be dealing with sinking feelings today. Sincerely, @morganharpernichols